A bit of audience exploration

So, this is still early days around here. My hope is that getting in the rhythm of writing for this list daily will in and of itself drive clarity of thinking, and help best serve you, gentle reader, and your surrounding audience.

But that requires that I have some idea of who I’m writing for. With the understanding that this will shift and refine with time, who will find this artifact the most useful?

Who’s this all for?

You care, deeply, about how people work together. Business needs, personal and team productivity, and the eventual deliverable product all matter, but you’re really looking for ways to be truer to yourself, in your work and in how you interact with those around you.

Yes, we’ll work to make you and your team more productive. We’ll do it by getting back to ourselves: less cogitating, more enabling.

I’ll revisit this as we refine, but want the early version out there–so you can see where this started.

Okay. Let’s start.

Did that make your day a little better?

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