Dwelling in Possibility

Are you someone whose bookshelves are filled with books you’ve never read? Likely somewhat sorted by category, their titles beckon with possibility, for when you’ve read them someday.

How many of those books do you actually want to read? I ask this as distinct from how many you want to have read (which is likely all of them). Which would you put aside any other tasks–including reading something else!–for the time it’d take to read from cover to cover?

My guess would be not all that many. Some books are for actually reading; some for the possibilities they represent. No real harm there; they’re just books, even if nice ones.

The Abstract Bit

What other possibilities are you collecting in your life, things you dream of Having Done, but that you probably wouldn’t make the sacrifice and tradeoffs to actually do, as opposed to all the other things to which you could commit your time and energy?

There’s nothing wrong with daydreams, nor with big goals. It’s helpful to know which ones deserve your energy, though.

Did that make your day a little better?

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