This is a Now page. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Slayin’ demons.

The past few months have brought a lot of unanticipated clarity.

I’m not yet ready to share all the juicy, nasty details here; this is a public place, after all. Same reason I’ve stopped the daily emails. There’s nothing new in terms of behavior I’ve been exposed to–just a world-altering change in understanding it, and its source.

So: hunkering down, growing the love in my immediate family, lots of therapy, and looking forward to a cozy winter of facing shit down and getting it out of my body and my life. As a small detail, I’m one of the many thrilled to see how much the culture of the Fediverse feels like the old Internet. Not counting on it lasting, but it’s been a nice nostalgic trip. Usage is going wild in the wake of the birdsite dying, and I’m fully capable of setting up an activitypub server on my end, so am considering doing so as an effective public service. Still playing catch-up with a few other side projects and errands first, though.

I’ll get back to the email list when ready, hopefully soon. Holding off till I can commit to resuming it weekdaily.