Inhale; baby time! Exhale; hustle time!

Learning a lot in parallel–early fatherhood, a fair amount of new technical material, and pounding pavement to line up more freelance gigs while I build out more in terms of reputational capital. I’m pushing out shitty first draft versions of landing sites for both Hero, Protagonist and Arboreal Studios rather than continue trying to make them perfect without ever releasing. A lot of detail level work, most of which with some urgency, ranging from new cloth diaper sizes to synthesizing legal docs for a nanny share service.

This all feels…not overwhelming, but as though there isn’t really a lot of breathing room for deliberate and intensive growth. Instead it’s mostly reactive. On the family end, things feel precious, because these are all incredibly valuable moments. Career-wise it just feels like anxiety.

Did that make your day a little better?

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