Re-evaluating Directions

My consulting business is growing and shifting, slowly but surely. A year into doing this full-time, I’m transitioning from entirely subcontracting into doing more direct client work, with the associated increases in responsibility, hustle, and at this particular moment, stress. This feels like I’m running a real business instead of just one in name. Cool.

At the same time, my young daughter is beginning to develop a real personality, to sit on her own, to laugh and to beam and to bring immediacy to the present moment a thousand times a day. The tension for time is real: I love what I’m building, and that I get to help others pursue their dreams in the process, but the value I place on my time is multiplying exponentially.

The obvious path is to start wrapping up what insight I can into product form, so I can continue growing my support for clients and customers while scaling back my actual time commitment away from my family.

Going forward, I’m going to build the habit of dumping into this little blog daily, even if it’s a sentence; once so established, some of my juicier wins are ripe for helping others to replicate.

Did that make your day a little better?

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