Parenting Life

Sometimes sleeping, sometimes not

Everything revolves around the unpredictability of an acceptable night’s rest. They’re coming more and more often, but on days like today where–having been substantially on Parent Mode since about 2am–there’s just not fuel in the tank for strategic thinking (aka. exactly what I need for prospecting), so having more procedural stuff ready to go is pretty handy.

So, say, blowing through a bunch of Salesforce trainings? Yeah, that’s available. New client prospecting, or building out a bunch of fun OTP supervision trees? Not so much.

And when there’s a pause in the code, apparently my habit is to update things here.

Prospecting, lead generation, and other Serious Business Things

This, more so than anything new and technical and shiny, is my real growth edge these days. I can build and ship stuff–awesome! Now, how do I get in on the conversations with potential clients on what their workflow looks like day-to-day, rather than showing up when there’s just a request for staff augmentation? And how best to balance the anxiety invoked when saying No to an easy, structured gig?

The good parts

For all the challenges and lack of structure, this currently-pretty-quiet life is a good one. Knowing that it’ll change in a couple years & that my family bends towards getting out (way, way out) of the nest helps me to appreciate the time we’re in all the more.

Did that make your day a little better?

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