We're here; we're safe

We’re here; we’re safe.

The wife and I are still working about as much as we were in The Before Times, if not marginally more: her schedule adjusted as the clinic turned towards disaster handling mode, and I’m now working out of our basement. Feeling grateful that we still have reliable income–so many don’t right now.

Grappling with this incredibly strange time.

Every bit of news and tooling and discussion and warning and change is so rapidfire and seemingly urgent until it turns out to be, in fact, irrelevant. Outside it still looks totally normal. It’s time for a new disconnection, even though (and perhaps exactly because) the news is just so compelling. Concerned for loved ones, especially older ones.

Yet, somehow, hopeful

The actions taken by others in the face of all of this are an uncountable measure of heroism in tiny blips, and not television bullshit political heroism but the real, generous, unselfconscious giving of oneself in the face of fear. This terrible disease sweeping the globe makes it more apparent who can step up and where the rot lies. Also, apparently we’re turning towards socialism now. Who’d have expected that out of where we stood a month before?

Did that make your day a little better?

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