Coping with a world of uncertainty

Our in-home Covid encounter is feeling less immediate, and more historical, thankfully. The science may not yet be in on lasting immunity, but we’re hopeful that at least our own susceptibility is reduced. That turns attention back to the outside world, which is emotionally disregulating to look in the eye. Facing all the chaos, and the ugliness with which so many people are responding to it, weighs heavily. The stress of freelance and contracting, usually a motivator, feels like a drag right now.

On that note, I’ve been nose-to-grindstone sharpening up on Salesforce dev stack sufficiently to pivot towards more enterprise-level clientele. It’ll force the issue for me on feeling more confident around my frontend skillset, help gain exposure to a new class of customer, and in so doing help me mix perspectives. I’m ready to dive in more–and also to start learning something a bit more fun.

We are, of course, going a bit stir-crazy here. Quarantine and shelter-in-place orders are expired and all, but with the embarrassment that is this nation’s handling of…well, everything, we’re sticking close & continuing to work from home, especially till it’s been a few weeks to see what the stats look like. The result is a considerable battle to maintain mental health. It is a struggle, and while we have good tools, the weight of the world is great these days.

Did that make your day a little better?

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