A summer of pregnancy and pandemic passes

With immediate threats to our health and safety not quite so immediate, I’m focused on the next big thing: another baby coming around the end of the month. There’s always a thousand seemingly-huge things vying for my attention, but even as money’s screaming in my ear, I’ve a beautiful (and very pregnant) wife and a daily-increasingly-cute daughter that’ve both got me increasingly excited to watch my family grow.

Of course, I must note: it’s 11 September. The day the terrorists seemingly won, in retrospect: we’ve not been quite right here since. Thanks to Dave Pell for pointing out this magnificent rendition of The Rising, posting about which, at my current state of sheer fatigue (metatonin’s kicked in, clearly), is about all the expression on this that I can, uh, express.

In the future: revisiting entrepreneurship, revising my niche targeting, maybe just W2’ing it for a year while catching my breath & re-learning to do things other than work and worry all the time. Writing! Reading! Politics and hobbies and dreams and connection! But for the moment: family is very present, and I’m trying to be present with them.

Did that make your day a little better?

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