Between major contracts

Between major contracts.

Historically, this has caused me considerable stress and consternation; this time round, I’m more confidently established, and there’s just so much work out there. Thank goodness for that; I vaguely recall my mental-emotional experience of hauling through mid-2020 as a less-established consultant with a pregnant wife, a one-year-and-some-year-old, and an early Covid economy. It was poor. Not missing that experience.

I’d hoped this would leave time and space for me to take care of both a bunch of pent-up admin tasks (both business and personal) and a number of strategic/biz dev/life direction decisions worthy of deliberation. The former has been somewhat accessible: after months without, we appear on the cusp of at last getting our gutted bathroom restored! As for the more high-minded latter option, there’s been no real access at all—at least, not yet. My intent was to frontload any big decisions and planning so as to take advantage of the full extent of my non-revenue-producing time to effect them, but between some (in retrospect not so bad, but at the time) Family Health News, a bunch of childcare, and a one-day scoped contract that bled into the morning of the day after…well, suffice it to say that this Now page had initially been assembled from snippets, sometimes not even full sentences, across the latter half of the week. (I found a few minutes Saturday night to fill in details & make it slightly more coherent, but only just.)

The process of getting the kids out of the house remains a draining challenge, but once we’re out the door, this is an incredibly rewarding time of year to be so: turning leaves, cooler but not cold breezes, the world around us seemingly safe enough to enjoy a pause in the action & see friends and family who’re able to visit. We’re not (yet?) at the point where our high-energy dog is more help than hindrance, but the possibility is there.

There’s much to consider and more yet to be done; I may bump this page again before deciding on the next contract.

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