Trying something new. Trying it now. Trying it every day.

I’ve been following the work of Jonathan Stark for some time now, and one recurring theme in his works that overlaps with and clarifies the works of others that I value is this: it’s easier to do something every day than any other cadence.

Running once a week is harder than running every day. Writing once a week is harder than writing every day. Publishing once a week is harder than publishing every day.

You get me.

The personal challenge I run into with this is that my weekend schedule can be pretty out of control; over the last couple years, I’ve effectively surrendered it to reacting to child-rearing situations. That was necessary, for a while. It’s not, at this point, but the habits and tendencies and mindsets are strong.

As a simple first step, I’m going to write a post here every day for the rest of this month. I started a few days ago over in the Blog section, in fact, and intend to continue exactly there.

Did that make your day a little better?

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