Sleepless in Denver

Learning what parenting is all about: love and loss (of sleep, so far). But it’s utterly bittersweet in a way that simply must be hormonal. I spent about 36 hours straight with Sunrise, Sunset stuck in my head when baby was five days old.

Getting through the days. They’re joyful and exhausting and by nature unsustainable like this–we’ll need some income, and my wife won’t be back to work for months yet. In the meantime, being amazed by my graceful wife and delicate new daughter.

Outside of family matters, I’m splitting my time between subcontracting to pay the mortgage, seeking new backend development clients for Arboreal Studios, and madly researching all things corporate-cultural for my passion project at Hero, Protagonist.

For those wondering when I can be reached socially, rest assured: I am wondering the same thing.

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