Mission or 🌠Adventure🌠?

(With credit due to the amazing Jason Allen)

You’re about to dig into your codebase to add a feature. Or: you’re about to go on a Target run with your partner. Or: you’re uncomfortable about the way a coworker behaved during a meeting, and you’ve scheduled some time with them to connect later. Or: you’re headed to the local art museum.

Are you going on a mission, or are you going on an adventure? That is: do you have a specific target thing you want to accomplish, and then get the hell out of there–or is this squishy, exploratory, creative, and free-form?

Both approaches are valid and have their benefits, but make sure you know which one you’re taking–and that everyone you’re doing this with is on the same page with you.

Did that make your day a little better?

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