Setting the pace; following the flow

Each of us have ebbs and flows throughout our days, our weeks, our years: a half-hour each day that’s sharper than the rest, a quarter when sales just feel easier, a day of the week that’s just always faded and hard to get stuff done.

What is it that makes that so for you?

Is it in your locus of control–something about your environment that you can change, to set yourself up for the situations you most benefit from? If you remove the television from your office, do you stop flipping on the TV news? How can you adapt your environment to better suit you?

Is it more a force of nature–something that’s going to happen regardless of your planned actions? Your taxes are due the same time each year; your young child wakes up crying and needs your attention for the next hour; the economy shifts and a third of your clients can’t pay you anymore. If you plan your own actions differently and have your financials in order, does it mean giving much up right now? And will you handle life more gracefully when it comes your way? How can you adapt yourself to better suit your environment?

Did that make your day a little better?

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