This always happens.

When logistics for something are handled by someone impersonal and corporate, you run into the same issues repeatedly.

You’re starting a training session by asking students to download materials, but the corporate wireless network won’t let everybody connect.

You’re traveling across town to a specific location, but the municipal public transit options don’t interlink ideally, tripling the time it’d take to get there.

You’re shopping for a new car, but there’s not a dealership in your state that has the particular model you want, and you can’t just Amazon yourself a vehicle.

We’re all too busy to solve all of these ourselves; we have to defer to the existing systems that are meant to be generic enough to support most use cases, even if ours aren’t the best fit. But we can always solve one issue. (The materials could’ve been retrieved ahead of time; ride hailing apps will trade time for money; you could travel or put up cash or make a fuss or work with another dealer or start your own damn car company! with rockets! and shiba inus! in fact, screw the cars!) When you next run into some pet peeve of a repeated inconvenience that comes from a predictably anonymous system, consider: is it worth the extra effort to solve this for yourself?

Did that make your day a little better?

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